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Ashlyn Ribeiro, our young superstar is a student at DPS International School, Gurgaon. An actor-model, she has done quite a lot of work in Dubai and the Middle East. She has been a part of ShowSha since January 2017 and has done two street shows with us...

Gaurav Singh Chauhan, an admirer of Theatre and a lover of performing arts, he has been a model-actor and has worked in many short films and music videos. Gaurav also essayed two characters in our play Knock Knock Dil and his intensity was lauded by our patrons. Gaurav is loves to travel and in his spare time enjoys the company of family and friends.

Meet the Mandli...the team

Karan Arora started Crock Concoction Flicks while in college with the aim to promote good, meaningful and entertaining Theatre. After graduating from college, the theatre group was given a professional shape and so the name was changed to ShowSha Baaz Caravan VOW but the aim still remains constant. Karan has worked at NDTV as an associate producer and at Kidzania Delhi as an Artistic Coordinator but the heart wants what it wants so he left his job and decided to bring forth his stories on stage. His directorial debut, The Matriarch & 2 Spoons of Sugar was very well received and was performed by children from the ages of 9 to 14. With a view to bring back Theatre as the preferred medium of entertainment, Karan Arora takes stories from day to day lives and adapts them for the stage. Jazz lover and a hard core Quentin Tarantino fan, his love for both is visible in his works.

Abhinav Alexander

Priyanka Maity, a successful professional with a serious love of travelling, her job requires her attention almost 24x7 but despite being busy at work, she devotes as much time to Theatre as is required. With her high octave energy, she brings the stage alive. Her character Naina in Knock Knock Dil brought tears to people's eyes as she took the audience through a journey of trials, tribulations and triumph. 

Neha Arorastarted her troupe Voices of Will in 2016, and is also a co founder at ShowSha  Baaz Caravan VOW. Furthering the view to make Theatre the preferred medium of entertainment, her directorial debut Knock Knock Dil, was a slice of life anthology series and it's performance was lauded by the audiences. Having worked at American Express for a decade, Neha realised that stories was the way she wanted to live her life. With the vision to promote life altering stories and help people realise their dreams, Neha Arora takes stories for and from all walks of life and brings them onto the stage. An ardent fan of Hindi films and Punjabi folklore connoisseur, both these qualities are visible in her style of writing and directing.  

Special Mentions...

Vijay James

Shweta Arora, a corporate director by day and a poet by night, her penchant for performing arts is unparalleled. Shweta was always active in Theatre during her school and college. She played the Sutradhar in our play Knock Knock Dil. Her love for Theatre is such that she is now launching her little daughter into the world of the stage as well.  Shweta has also been a part of ShowSha since it's inception and is a writer of short stories herself. In her spare time, she likes to read books and a connoisseur of classic english films.

Shanki Gupta, a corporate professional by choice and a gifted actor by birth, he has been involved with Theatre since 2000 and has worked with various groups across Delhi NCR. He played the character of Mandarpan in our play Knock Knock Dil and the part was an instant hit with the audiences given to his quick wit and infectious energy. Shanki is an integral part of ShowSha and has been with the group since it's inception. Shanki is a hard core movie buff and loves to travel.

Mandli Master and Masternee

Ekta Alexander

Ramesh and Om Prakash Arora

Dramebaaz - Meet The Naatak Mandli...we mean The Team

Ashmit Ribeiro, another one of our young superstars is also a student at DPS International School, Gurgaon. An actor-model, Ashmit has done many advertisements and films in Dubai as well as  in India. He has been a part of Knock Knock Dil and The Matriarch & 2 Spoons of Sugar.

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Our permanent drugs (don't get carried away...) - Our permanent drug of love and blessings.....

Varun Girdher, the very fact that he travels 100 kms everyday for rehearsal speaks volumes about his love for the performing arts. Also a corporate professional, Varun played two characters in Knock Knock Dil and his sense of humour and comic timing were much appreciated by the audiences. Varun has been a part of ShowSha since it's inception and is our very own Singham...apart from being a lover of movies and has impeccable taste in music.