Stage Plays - Theatre is our first love and always will be and we write and direct plays for our patrons in Paris, Berlin and London...(yeah right!!!! Another LOL)

Our play The Matriarch & 2 Spoons of Sugar, written and directed by Karan Arora was staged at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Road and People and Co. Gurgaon in July-August 2016. Loosely inspired from Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Khoobsurat, the play was done by children aged 9 to 13 and was very well received with great gusto.

Our second production Knock Knock Dil, written and directed by Neha Arora, was staged at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Road in December 2016 and was an anthology of life stories and one must strive to achieve and fulfil their dreams. With a strong message sent through laughter and some tears, Knock Knock Dil was lauded by audiences.

Films - We make short films, documentaries  and features for ourselves (just kidding LOL)

The subjects range from social issues to fiction to thug life and gangsta shit...

​We also make films with and for children (sans the Gangster swag of course)

Here are some videos to tell you what we mean:


The year 2017 began on a high note when on public demand, TheMatriarch and 2 Spoons of Sugar was staged again in May 2017

Street Plays - Street plays are something that we love because that way you can gorge on some lip smacking street food and then literally get a Delhi Belly (this has actually happened, Gol Gappas were not nice we reckon...)

Our first street play, Tech's Mess was first performed at Raahgiri 2015 and also made it to the finals of the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival 2015. Written and Directed by Karan Arora, the play spoke of how dependent we have become on technology in a funny and satirical fashion.

The second street play under our banner was The Festival of Ignorance and was performed in February 2017 at Galleria, Gurgaon. With Karan Arora at the helm as writer and director, the play spoke of various rituals and practices that we undertake in our daily lives but are unaware of their meanings.

The third street performance came in the form of a play written and directed by Neha Arora in association with I Am Gurgaon, a society that seeks to generate awareness about environmental causes. 

Workshops and Annual Program for Schools -

We offer annual stage show programs to schools and our program is currently active with The Manthan School, Noida, Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka and Delhi International School, Dwarka.

We were formerly associated with Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket for two consecutive years.

We also offer Theatre workshops independently with both children and adults and we have studios in Gurgaon, Delhi and Indirapuram. These workshops culminate into a stage production 

Kaam Dhandaa - Things we do